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Easter Pancake Breakfast

Our guests were treated to our annual pancake breakfast on Easter Sunday at the recreation room at Coalmine Beach Holiday Park.

The festivities kicked off at 9am with staff and guests enjoying home made pancakes cooked true blue Australian style on the camp BBQ’s.




Christmas at Coalmine

Coalmine Beach Holiday Park would like to let everybody know that we are now taking bookings for the Christmas/New years period 2023/24.


Guidelines have been put in place by the WA Health Department to help minimise the spread of Coronavirus (COVID19) in Holiday Parks.

Coalmine Beach Holiday Park is following the government recommendations and guidelines.

We appreciate that you understand and support us by playing your part in keeping us all safe.

Contact details of all guests over the age of 16 are required to be recorded by the park.  This can be via our booking system or guests can log in using the SafeWA app.

If you or anyone in your household has been unwell with flu-like symptoms and/or fevers in the last 14 days, please let us know PRIOR to entering the park by contacting reception on 9840 1026.


We’re sure you’re already read about it, but it cannot be said enough that the best

way to reduce your risks is still to practice safe and effective hand hygiene.



We are lucky to have some beautiful native orchids growing around our park and the knoll.

Orchids start to bloom around the end of July and can continue into November depending on the species of orchid and the conditions.

Bring a camera and explore

Two New species found in the Great Southern

Biologist Jürgen Otto and colleagues have named two species of the extraordinarily colourful dancing spiders. It is only a few millimetres in size, performs a dance as part of a courtship ritual and has striking coloured markings on its back that “look like a pharaoh’s headdress”. But when biologist Jürgen Otto first spotted the peacock spider species he has named Maratus unicup, he didn’t immediately recognise how special it was. “I didn’t think much of it because I’m partially colour blind,” he says. “But there was quite a reaction to photographs of it on the internet, with people saying it’s beautiful.” Maratus unicup is one of two new peacock spider species Otto and his colleague David Hill have named in a new paper published in the international spider journal Peckhamia. Otto discovered the spider near Lake Unicup in Western Australia last year. He said the new species was notable for its courtship display in which the male dances – swinging its abdomen from side to side – while the female watches from a close distance. The second species they have named Maratus tortus and was discovered by environmental consultant and educator David Knowles in 1994 near Walpole in WA. Knowles and Otto have returned to the site several times and were finally able to capture specimens of the spider last year. Knowles had originally nicknamed the species “hokey pokey” because of the male’s curious twisting dance. “There’s no other peacock spider that has this kind of a display,” Otto said. “It looks almost like a Spanish bullfight, where the female is the bull and the male is the bullfighter.” In the new paper, Otto and Hill say there are now 70 species of peacock spiders, the majority of which have been named by them during the past seven years.

Credit: Biologists Jurgen Otto and David Hill.


Magical May in Walpole

We are blessed with the most amazing weather in May. It is a delight for travelling visitors and locals with bright sunny days and calm inlet waters. We normally have sunny 22′ degree days, with  light breezes in the afternoon and amazing clear skies at night. We are treated to some spectacular star shows, so bright the stars have been lighting up the night sky.

The salmon are around if you fish off shore or from beaches such as Blue Holes, Salmon Holes and Peaceful Bay. The first pods of whales can been seen off the coast of Albany and they  make their way west towards Walpole along their annual migration path. Whales can be seen near Walpole from May until the end of August. Some great lookout points include Mandalay Beach and Conspicuous Beach.

Winter is such a magical time to be out exploring the local wilderness area, with rivers and waterfalls beginning to flow, the forest is in full autumn colours and there is so many different animal species frolicking around including kangaroos, kookaburras, quokkas, possums, dolphins, stingrays, wrens and eagles to name a few.

So if you are looking for an excuse to get away and enjoy winter in Walpole , give us a call.




School Holidays, Memories That Last A Lifetime.

We want to share these top holiday ideas with you from Top Parks Australia;

We love families and family holidays. So here are 10 school holiday activities to help you make TOP memories with your kids this holiday season:

1. Embrace the great outdoors

Spending time in nature is one of the most valuable school holiday activities you can do.

Scientific studies show that time spent in the bush could improve your short term memory, lower stress levels, boost energy and improve your ability to focus. All things that will come in handy once the little ones return to school.

And if you’re allergic to tents, no worries! Our Top Park offers cabins, chalets and glamping tent accommodation, so you can get some much needed R’n’R without having to sleep on a roll mat.

2. Play a game


It needn’t be cards, but playing a game as a family is a great way to spend time together. Whether it’s Monopoly, Scrabble, footy, beach cricket, or good old “catch”, you’re bound to share a few laughs.

3. Have fun with food

Cooking over a camping stove is always an experience! But you could have just as much fun baking a cake in the kitchenette of your cabin or at the park camp kitchen. Cooking fires may be permitted but check with reception first.

4. Have a midnight feast

It’s waking up in the middle of the night to eat snacks and naughty treats. What’s not to like? Suggest this to your kids and instantly gain 10 cool points. Plus it only happens once in a while, which makes it extra special.

5. Make a splash

It’s hot outside and you’ve been kicking the ball about. Cool off in the calm waters of the nearby beach, inlet or estuary. Bring the Stand Up Paddle board, Kayaks, Canoes or Boogie Board to have a splash with and burn off some energy.

6. Take a walk

Walking with the family along many of the short distance walking trails can be a great way to fill in the afternoon, take some photos and discover and interact with the environment around you. Many national park destinations are full of information boards on Native flora and  Fauna.

7. Make new friends

The great thing about the school holidays is that lots of other families are trying out the same sorts of activities as you.

Kids make friends easily at holiday parks. Take a leaf out of their book and have a chat to the family in the cabin or caravan next door!

8. See some sights

There’s so much to do and see in the park itself, but what about nearby? There are Top Parks near Australia’s most famous sights and attractions; Check out our local visitor centre website at:

Also we have a list of local attractions and sights on our own ATTRACTIONS page of this website too.

9. Run away and join the circus

Not for real, just pretend. Juggling balls, a hoola hoop, face paint… these are the tools of the circus and super fun to take to a holiday park with you. The kids could put on a show for the family or teach other kids some tricks they may know.

Plus, they’ll keep the kids entertained for hours while you relax with a cold one (capturing their golden memories on camera of course!)

10. Recreate your memories

What school holiday activities did you enjoy? Chances are there’s a version of them you can try now with your kids.

Summer is nearly here

Coalmine Beach Holiday Park has had another busy summer season. We have upgraded our Glamping Tents to include ensuites in all 4 tents.  We now have one x 6 Berth, two x 4 Berth and one x 2 Berth Ecotents, all boasting modern stylish bathrooms.  We have been busy with school groups staying with us over the season and many have been out on the Bibbulmun Track doing day walks and others riding on the Munda Biddi Trail.

The Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions have been proceeding with planned burning in the area, making our national parks bush fire ready, making it much safer for all residents and visiting guests.

We have a great picture of the inlet and town we want to share with you all, perhaps even entice you to make your way down to Walpole to discover our marine parks and wilderness area.


SouthWest Nature Guide Trail at Coalmine Beach Holiday Park.

Coalmine Beach Holiday Park has been working with the Parks and Wildlife Service and the SouthWest Nature Guide team to provide our guests and passing Bibbulmun Track Walkers the opportunity to learn about the wide range of plant and animal species in the vicinity of our park. When you download the SouthWest Nature Guide App on your phone or tablet you can walk our 300m section of the Bibbulmun Track right next to our park to scan and discover the local native fauna and flora species. We have currently identified over 30 different species to learn about. From the Peppermint Tree and Western Sheoak to the Native Wattles and Tall Kangaroo Paw.  We have also included a tag at either end of the trail which will give you insight into Walpole’s settlement era and the timber milling history.  If you would like to check out more information on the Nature Guide App please visit the Facebook page: southwestnatureguide


Market Season Begins

The Wonderful Walpole Market Season usually kicks off in September each year. Local growers and producers will be in abundance bringing with them all of their fresh fruit and vegetables, honey, jams and preserves, home made clothes, jewelry, nick nacks, art and crafts. Not to mention our fabulous food vendors who provide a selection of morning tea and lunches to all the hungry shoppers. It wouldn’t be a market without some musical entertainment which will be provided by some local talent from the region.

We hope you can all get down to Pioneer Park, South Coast Highway (Next to the Walpole Visitor Centre) to help support our community!



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Many Thanks from the Team at Coalmine Beach Holiday Park.

Welcome Winter in Walpole

Why not join us in Walpole to celebrate the start of winter?  With mesmerising campfires, heated luxury tents, toasty cabins and chalets to snuggle up in, protected sites set amongst the Peppermint Trees, walks along the Bibbulmun Track and cycling on the Munda Biddi Trail.  Listen to the Southern Ocean crashing in the distance.  Feel alive and wake up to the Wonders of the Walpole Wilderness!  Let us put together the perfect itinerary for your stay.  Stay 4 pay for 3 across all accommodation and sites.


Article by journalist Sally Grandy – How I Discovered the Joys of ‘Glamping’ in a Quiet Corner of Australia

I must admit that camping does not come easy to me.  I have two boisterous boys aged 9 and 11 and the thought of pitching a tent while they run riot in nearby woods, while I must deal with poles and tent stays and inflating blow-up mattresses, fills me with dread.

I used to caravan with my parents as a child and have fond memories of lazy (and rather cloudy and wet) days in the countryside of southern England where I grew up.

You can see why the lure of so called ‘glamping’ holds appeal for me.  Glamping is on the increase with the market up 7% and so at the beginning of April just ahead of the rush for Easter, I headed south from Perth to Walpole to experience luxurious camping in upmarket tents at the Coalmine Beach Holiday Park.

The weekend trip did not start well, just south of Mandurah, my car started making funny banging noises. Recovery Assist came to my rescue, but it delayed our journey and we didn’t arrive until 11:15pm.

Entering a tent in the dark, then switching on a light (yes, these luxury tents really do have light switches) to reveal, what I thought was a rather marvellous, stylish upmarket hotel room, was unexpected.

“Hey Mum”, one of my boys shouted, “there’s a heated blanket on your bed,” – now that was a very welcome addition.

The Coalmine Beach Holiday Park installed four of these luxury tents in December and throughout the summer months they’ve all been virtually booked out.

The next day I meet with Lisa and Stephen Brockway, a nurse and lawyer who are visiting from East Perth and in the next-door glamping tent.

“We are going to Albany and we wanted to break the journey up, we came with our tent, but we thought we’d try glamping here.  Trouble is we’ve tasted luxury and won’t want to pitch our tent now.”

“It’s got all the hotel trimmings, pots and pans, luxurious shower, and modern wash basin and microwave.  We brought an esky but there was no need, there’s even a fridge. What a great way to wake up listening to the wild birds and kookaburras,” she said.

These tents manufactured by Perth based Eco Structures are the brain child of Australian company owner and developer Karl Plunkett.  This luxury tented accommodation is being utilised around the world in China, the Virgin Islands, Saudi Arabia and South America as well as Australia.

“Camping is a lot of fun, as long as there’s no suffering – the problem is sand gets into everything and when it rains you’re stuck inside the tent thinking I’m not going to do this again,” said Mr. Plunkett.

“When you’re glamping you walk into a perfect, spotless tent and get into a bed more luxurious than the one you have at home.”

Michael Triplett is the General Manager of the Coalmine Beach Holiday Park and has received very positive feedback.

“It’s a different type of accommodation and so many see it as a novelty.  We’ve had quite a lot of walkers who are taking a break from the Bibbulmun Track and want something more upmarket”, he said.

“People are coming here and seeing the tents and they think “Why would I tow a caravan or camper trailer when we could stay in one of these?” he adds

That’s just what Peter Charushenko, his wife and two older daughters are doing as they inspect a four-berth tent. I talk to them as they take a sneaky peak.

“Yes, we’re just having a quick look, we come to this caravan park about four times a year with our Jayco pop-up camper as we like sailing.  We were here in December and saw them being installed, I’d definitely come back and stay in one.”

I myself, certainly enjoyed the experience, with solid furniture and proper beds, it certainly is high-end camping.  My boys were suitably impressed, playing on the decked area and having a beach within a two-minute stroll.

As for my fellow luxurious campers next door, Lisa and Stephen Brockway they said they’ll be back for more.

“It’s just given us time to chill as a couple, no television and back to nature, I’m buying newspapers, and what’s more I have the time to read them.  Yes, this break has really made us relax and the standard of this tented accommodation has been superb.  Problem is I am not looking forward to pitching our own tent in a few days’ time.”

Sally Grandy stayed at the Coalmine Beach Holiday Park in luxurious tented accommodation manufactured by Eco Structures

Destination Walpole

Are you looking for fun and adventure or to relax and take it easy these April School Holidays? Whatever your pace, Coalmine Beach Holiday Park is the perfect destination. With a variety of accommodation styles available, from camp sites to Chalets and Luxury Tents, the choice is yours.  Fire pits are scattered around the Park making it easy for everyone to toast their marshmallows. There is an abundance of native bush attracting kangaroos, possums, kookaburras and blue wrens.

Our natural playground is only a 40 minute drive from one of the best beaches in Australia, Green’s Pool (as voted on Trip Advisor) and just minutes from the internationally acclaimed Valley of the Giants and Tree Top Walk

The Beautiful Walpole-Nornalup National Park surrounds our town of Walpole. With Inlets for kayaking, secret fishing spots aplenty around the inlets, calm waters for stand up paddle boarding and more. Walking and riding trails including the Bibbulmun Track to explore.  What’s not to love?

So pack the tent, pack the bikes and give us a call today. April is often the most beautiful time of the year to explore Wonderful Walpole.


Christmas Celebrations at Coalmine

We wanted to share some pictures from our annual Christmas Eve BBQ. Plus a visit from SANTA in the fire truck. It was such a great night all the children received lolly bags from Santa and we hosted a sausage sizzle for our guests followed by a movie in the Rec Room. We are looking forward to this year’s Christmas Eve celebrations.

Dreaming of your next holiday?

We have a variety of accommodation types available over the Easter and April School holiday.  Please visit our accommodation page and click on “book now” to view availability.