Magical May in Walpole

We are blessed with the most amazing weather in May. It is a delight for travelling visitors and locals with bright sunny days and calm inlet waters. We normally have sunny 22′ degree days, with  light breezes in the afternoon and amazing clear skies at night. We are treated to some spectacular star shows, so bright the stars have been lighting up the night sky.

The salmon are around if you fish off shore or from beaches such as Blue Holes, Salmon Holes and Peaceful Bay. The first pods of whales can been seen off the coast of Albany and they  make their way west towards Walpole along their annual migration path. Whales can be seen near Walpole from May until the end of August. Some great lookout points include Mandalay Beach and Conspicuous Beach.

Winter is such a magical time to be out exploring the local wilderness area, with rivers and waterfalls beginning to flow, the forest is in full autumn colours and there is so many different animal species frolicking around including kangaroos, kookaburras, quokkas, possums, dolphins, stingrays, wrens and eagles to name a few.

So if you are looking for an excuse to get away and enjoy winter in Walpole , give us a call.