School Holidays, Memories That Last A Lifetime.

We want to share these top holiday ideas with you from Top Parks Australia;

We love families and family holidays. So here are 10 school holiday activities to help you make TOP memories with your kids this holiday season:

1. Embrace the great outdoors

Spending time in nature is one of the most valuable school holiday activities you can do.

Scientific studies show that time spent in the bush could improve your short term memory, lower stress levels, boost energy and improve your ability to focus. All things that will come in handy once the little ones return to school.

And if you’re allergic to tents, no worries! Our Top Park offers cabins, chalets and glamping tent accommodation, so you can get some much needed R’n’R without having to sleep on a roll mat.

2. Play a game


It needn’t be cards, but playing a game as a family is a great way to spend time together. Whether it’s Monopoly, Scrabble, footy, beach cricket, or good old “catch”, you’re bound to share a few laughs.

3. Have fun with food

Cooking over a camping stove is always an experience! But you could have just as much fun baking a cake in the kitchenette of your cabin or at the park camp kitchen. Cooking fires may be permitted but check with reception first.

4. Have a midnight feast

It’s waking up in the middle of the night to eat snacks and naughty treats. What’s not to like? Suggest this to your kids and instantly gain 10 cool points. Plus it only happens once in a while, which makes it extra special.

5. Make a splash

It’s hot outside and you’ve been kicking the ball about. Cool off in the calm waters of the nearby beach, inlet or estuary. Bring the Stand Up Paddle board, Kayaks, Canoes or Boogie Board to have a splash with and burn off some energy.

6. Take a walk

Walking with the family along many of the short distance walking trails can be a great way to fill in the afternoon, take some photos and discover and interact with the environment around you. Many national park destinations are full of information boards on Native flora and  Fauna.

7. Make new friends

The great thing about the school holidays is that lots of other families are trying out the same sorts of activities as you.

Kids make friends easily at holiday parks. Take a leaf out of their book and have a chat to the family in the cabin or caravan next door!

8. See some sights

There’s so much to do and see in the park itself, but what about nearby? There are Top Parks near Australia’s most famous sights and attractions; Check out our local visitor centre website at:

Also we have a list of local attractions and sights on our own ATTRACTIONS page of this website too.

9. Run away and join the circus

Not for real, just pretend. Juggling balls, a hoola hoop, face paint… these are the tools of the circus and super fun to take to a holiday park with you. The kids could put on a show for the family or teach other kids some tricks they may know.

Plus, they’ll keep the kids entertained for hours while you relax with a cold one (capturing their golden memories on camera of course!)

10. Recreate your memories

What school holiday activities did you enjoy? Chances are there’s a version of them you can try now with your kids.