Welcoming the Whales Festival

Albany is hosting its very first ‘Welcoming the Whales’ festival to be held at the whaling station on Saturday the 3rd June 10:00am – 2:00pm, Free Entry for all ages. Over the whale season which commences this long weekend and goes through to October there will be over 600 Humpback and Southern Right whales visiting our South Coastal Waters. It is the longest whale watching season in the world. Good locations for Whale sightings other than Albany are Lights Beach, Denmark, Conspicuous Cliffs, Nornalup, Blue Holes Beach, Walpole (four wheel drive access) and Mandalay Beach, west of Walpole (park entry fee required).

The event will be full of family entertainment and story telling as the unique history surrounding the whales along our south coast will be shared through whale themed activities for all ages including live music, art, roving entertainment and storytelling of our heritage and folklore. The festival connects the past and present, recognising the 140 year old whaling industry whilst celebrating the return of these majestic marine mammals.  for more information please visit www.discoverybay.com.au